Japanese Beauty Sponges

Japanese Beauty Sponges by Yamamoto Farms

Since 1990, Yamamoto Farms has been a pioneer in sharing one of Japan’s best kept beauty secrets with the world: konjac sponges. Our high-quality konjac sponges are world renowned for being safe and natural Japanese Beauty products that produce silky smooth skin.

At our farms at the base of the Japanese alps, we use organically grown konjac plants and melted snow water to produce the world’s highest quality konjac sponges. We developed a method to manufacture our sponges with consistent quality. 

Over the years, we have been continuously improving the quality of our Japanese Beauty products, keeping our traditional manufacturing methods unchanged. We have created an environment that allows us to produce and sell our products consistently all year round.

However, as konjac sponges grew in popularity, inferior, mass-produced products with chemical preservatives appeared on the market. 

We want to provide our customers with peace of mind when using our products. Japan’s high quality standards allows us to make a product that does not use any antibacterial agents, preservatives, or petroleum-derived additives—we only use natural ingredients in our products. We will continue to improve the gentle feel and cleaning power of konjac sponges and hope that more and more people all over the world will use and enjoy them.

About Saku City

Our farm in Saku is surrounded by mountains on all sides and is blessed with untouched nature. Eighty percent of Saku’s tap water comes from springs and groundwater, as snowmelt from the Japanese Alps flows into the city. This pristine water is also used to produce agricultural products and sake. Clean water is essential to the production of high-quality konjac sponges. Producing Japanese Beauty products that give our customers peace of mind starts with clean, pure water.

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