Buy Konjac Sponges as an Approved Retailer

We are extremely excited to announce that you can buy Konjac sponges as an approved retailer – anywhere in the world! As a leader in Japanese beauty, we want to help our international customers enjoy the best possible skin they can have at every age. That’s why we’ve partnered with specialty retailers across the world who sell our collection of 100% authentic Konjac sponges—and we want more retailers to join us! If you’re interested in carrying Yamamoto Farms products, please see below for more information about applying to become an approved retailer.

buy konjac sponges

Current Approved Retailers

Swiss Clinique specializes in offering effective, authentic medical-grade and organic skincare treatments and products. With over 35 years of experience,  owner Evelyne Huegi is an International Master Aesthetician. Swiss Clinique offers only the best of the best products, which is why we were happy to partner with them as a Konjac Sponge Retailer. Located in Corona del Mar, California, Swiss Clinique’s products can be purchased online or in-person if local. 

New Harmony Soap specializes in finding and combining the most potent ingredients on earth for skin health – ensuring they are as whole or unprocessed as possible. They offer hand crafted skin care products. They provide your family what you need to feed your skin and give you a healthier glow. 

AK Japan is located in Vancouver, BC. We are B2B distributor of goods from Japan. We work directly with various companies in Japan and import items directly from makers and producers. This is a private label partner.  

buy konjac sponges
buy konjac sponges

What Qualifies as an Approved Retailer?

We only allow stores that we approve to become authorized dealers. As an approved retailer, you’ll be able to buy Konjac sponges directly from us at wholesale pricing and sell our products in your store(s). After you’ve submitted your application, please wait for us to respond before promoting your new approved retailer status on social media or any other outlet.

Interested in Becoming a Wholesale Partner?

We are seeking wholesale and private label partners for Yamamoto Farms! If you would like to feature konjac sponges in your store or create a line of sponges with your own branding, please fill out the form.