High-quality, organic skincare products and treatments are foundational to makeup routines in Japan. The reason? Makeup looks better when applied to healthy skin. Known as J-beauty, the ideology behind Japanese skincare is based on simple, effective steps which result in glowing, healthy skin, perfect for applying makeup to create a natural, delicate, radiant effect. To achieve the healthy skin needed for Japanese makeup routines, you’ll need to start with the Japanese konjac sponge.

Achieving Beautiful Skin the Natural Way

Konjac sponges have been a staple in Japanese skincare and beauty routines for decades. Made from the vegetable fibers of the konjac plant, Konjac sponges are free from all additives and preservatives, which can clog pores, leading to breakouts. The fibrous sponges are instead completely organic and provide gentle exfoliation to promote skin cell turnover, which is responsible for the ageless appearance of Japanese women.

Moreover, konjac sponges help to nourish the skin, thanks to naturally occurring minerals and nutrients that help the skin to lock in moisture and fight free radicals. Odorless and colorless, these vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable sponges boast incredible water retention, providing incredible moisturization.

Finally, because konjac sponges are entirely free from irritants, they can be used irrespective of skin sensitivities. They effectively remove dirt and debris without inflaming or otherwise damaging the gentle skin on the face. The result is an incredibly fresh-faced appearance, which is at the heart of Japanese makeup routines.

After thoroughly cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin (known as double cleansing), Japanese skincare routines emphasize toning, then multiple hydration steps that may include serums followed by moisturizers. Before heading out, sun protection is also an essential step.

Prioritizing healthy skin is essential because Japanese makeup routines are often significantly pared down compared to makeup routines in the U.S. Rather than using makeup to alter the face, in Japan, makeup is used to enhance healthy-looking skin and showcase facial features.

Japanese Makeup: Where Less is So Much More

While Japanese beauty routines emphasize achieving healthy skin, makeup routines aim to showcase healthy skin instead of layering makeup upon makeup on the face. Natural, nude shades are preferred but often complemented with a soft color on the lips. For example, a typical Japanese makeup routine may include the following:
• Minimal concealer
• Natural foundation
• Mascara
• Light eyeshadow
• Cheek cream
• Lip gloss

Noticeably absent from everyday makeup routines in Japan are bronzers, contouring creams, highlighters, eyebrow tints, and foundations that don’t match the rest of the skin. Instead of long, unnatural eyelashes that are everywhere in the U.S, Japanese makeup routines often include no more than an eyelash curler and a bit of mascara.

Japan’s Favorite All-Natural Skin Cleansing and Exfoliating Sponge

The emphasis on healthy, youthful, radiant skin is at the crux of Japanese skincare routines. Not surprisingly, the all-natural konjac sponge plays an essential role in cleansing and removing dead skin cells to reveal luminous, dewy, smooth skin that is the perfect canvas for a minimalist makeup routine.

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